Everyday products are the great psychologists of our time.

The everyday products we surround ourselves with embody and influence our mental productions.
Each product usage is reflexive and enables the consumer to consolidate or advance his self-perception.

And that is why… everyday products are the great psychologists of our time.


Offhand notions from a product psychology strategist’s perspective…

About Julian

Julian is an expert in the field of product-psychology and marketing strategy. Having worked as a project lead for the renowned Cologne-based rheingold salon, he revealed numerous secret product-logics and enabled manufacturers to refine their product positionings and marketing strategies.

As project lead, he worked for well-known food and beverage, consumer goods, as well as the entertainment companies. His clients included a Swiss-based multinational chocolate manufacturer, an award-winning national newspaper as well as a Champions league football club.

Working in the product management team within the MELITTA® group he manages the European food bag portfolio of the TOPPITS® /ALBAL® brands and acts as a Consumer Insight Expert.

Academic background

In elementary school, Julian founded a fish farm, even advertised his product – only to get shut down a few weeks later by the trading supervision department due to missing paperwork. Today, rest assured, his paperwork is in best order.

Julian holds two master degrees one MSc. ‚Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship‘ as well as  a MSc. in ‚Business Administration‘.

His outstanding take on the products of our everyday life and their hidden impact on the consumer is rooted in studies of in-depth business psychology (B.A.).

Taken together this unusual cross-over expertise in psychology, innovation management and business enables companies to re-understand their products and helps them to ‚get their story straight‘.


e: mail (at) julian-schaefer.com
p: +49 221 98652377